3D Laser Scanning


3D laser scanning is a revolutionary technology that can create precision 3D Point cloud model and which further can be used to create CAD 3D solid and surface model, quickly and efficiently. Our 3D laser scanners can scan material object of any size and shape with high dimensional accuracy. Our 3D laser scanning services can be used for 3D Modeling, Dimensional Measurements, various fact-finding Analysis as well as marketing content purposes.

3D Laser Scanning Equipment


We have high quality, high precision multiple HDS laser scanner equipment for scanning various objects with sizes ranging from a few centimeters to several hundred meters. Our 3D laser scanner has high scanning precision and the 3D model generated from the scans provides excellent dimensional accuracy. All our Laser scanners are Class-1 quality laser scanners which complies with international standards.

High Definition Surveying Specs

Range – 5 cm to 500 Meters

Accuracy – +/- 2mm

Scan Resolution – Min. 2 Micron to 64 mm

Scan Format – Colour or Grey

3D Laser Scanning Services


Data Acquisition

We can scan almost anything with no dimensional limitations. Our surveying team is equipped with multiple high precision equipment that would create highly accurate 3D scans. All the high definition surveying complies with international standards like ASPRS class1 and above.

We mainly provide three methods of 3D laser scanning,

  1. Terrestrial Scanning – (Using Ground Base Stations)
  2. Mobile Scanning – (Using Vehicle)
  3. Airborne Scanning – (Using Aircraft)

3D Laser Scanning Applications

  • Architectural Scanning – Buildings, Industrial Sheds, Heritage sites
  • Mechanical Scanning – Automobile Components, Heavy Engineering Equipment Components
  • Land Use and Land Cover Scanning – Topographic Survey, Planimetric Mapping, Linear Mapping, Vegetation Cover Measurement and Classification
  • Civil Infrastructure Scanning – Roads, Highways, Railroads, Flyovers, Bridges, Dams, Tunnels
  • Electrical Scanning – HV and LV Substations, Power Plants, HV and LV Powerlines
  • Ship Building – Shell Scanning, Shell Frame Scanning, Water Leakage detection
  • Aerospace – Fuselage Measurements, Engine Parts Scanning, Aircraft Interior Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering – Any Metallic and Non Metallic Parts or whole assembly 3D Scanning
  • 3D Metrology – Scanning of any small to large components for dimensional accuracy measurements
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) – For Build Modeling, Building Maintenance, Infrastructure Maintenance, Building 3D Documentation