Architectural 3D Modeling


Architectural 3D Models can be created from either detailed CAD drawings or 3D Laser Scanned data. Architectural 3D modeling provides minute details of each and every object associated with the building. This 3D model comprises of Architectural, Structural and MEP objects. It also includes details of dimensions, materials used and other spacial attributes. This together is also called as Building Information Modeling or BIM. Along with 3D Model and Dimensions we can also provide the list of materials, components and material quantity for cost estimation and planning.

Architectural 3D Modeling Services

Following services can be provided with 3D laser scanning:

  1. Commercial or Residential Building (Interior & Exterior 3D Modeling)
  2. Heritage Structures or MonumentĀ  Sites
  3. Sport Complex
  4. Entertainment Complex

Application of Architectural 3D Modeling

  • Building Repair and Maintenance
  • Building Facility Management
  • Building Visualization and Cost estimation
  • Heritage Structure 3D Documentation forĀ  Repair, Maintenance and Reconstruction
  • Sports Infrastructure Management and Planning
  • Entertainment Infrastructure Management and Planning