Electrical 3D Modeling


We have excellent 3D modeling and domain knowledge capabilities in Electrical Infrastructure and equipment vertical. With our knowledge and experience we are capable of 3D modeling every aspect of electrical components. We have done several challenging projects in this vertical till date.

Electrical 3D Modeling Services

  • HV and LV Substation Modeling
  • HV Power-Lines Modeling
  • Electrical Asset Modeling
  • Power Plants Modeling
  • Solar Farm Modeling
  • Windmill Farm 3D modeling

Applications of Electrical 3D Modeling:

  1. Maintenance and reconstruction of Electrical Substation – HV and LV
  2. Reconstruction and Upgradation of Power Plants – Hydro, Nuclear, Thermal and Solar
  3. Repair and Maintenance of Power line transmission  - HV & LV
  4. Electrical component modeling for use in BIM
  5. Urban power Distribution Network 3D model for Maintenance and Planning
  6. Industrial Plant’s  Electrical distribution 3D model for Maintenance and risk management