Infrastructural 3D Modeling


We specialize in creating 3D models for various infrastructure verticals. These 3D models can be used for new construction site, reconstruction of existing site, alignment finalization for linear projects, Realignments, Damage control, risk analysis, various dimensional and volumetric calculations and audits. Infrastructure modeling can comprise of Topographic surveying, 3D laser scanning and 3D Modeling.

Infrastructural 3D Modeling Services

  1. Roads, Highways and Expressways
  2. Bridges, Flyovers and Tunnels
  3. Railroad and infrastructure (i.e. Electrical Equipment, Platforms, Rail yards, Power Distribution etc.)
  4. Monorail and Metro Rail
  5. Airports and Runways
  6. Large Water & Sewage Pipe Distribution, Rivers, Canals, Lakes and Dams
  7. Water Treatment Plant Modeling

Applications of Infrastructure 3d Modeling:

  1. Designing and planning of new infrastructure
  2. Repair and Maintenance of existing infrastructure
  3. Alignment and Realignment planning and designing of new and existing infrastructure of linear infrastructure like roads, Railroads, Gas and water pipelines
  4. Improvement in transportation with new routes and tunnels construction