Mechanical 3D Modeling


Our engineering team can produce accurate 3D model of any mechanical or automobile component from CAD drawings or 3D laser scanned data. These 3D components can be further used in CAD assembly or Stress, Load, Heat transfer analysis. Our engineering team has several years of experience in producing highly complicated and accurate 3D models from 3D Laser scanned Data. Our clients have always appreciated the high quality and timely delivery of every project we did for them.

Mechanical 3D Modeling Services

Following services can be provided with 3D laser scanning:

  • Automobile Sheet Metal Components 3D Modeling
  • Automobile Transmission Components  3D Modeling
  • Automobile Complete Product 3D modeling
  • Heavy Engineering Full Product and Components 3D Modeling
  • Ship Building 3D Modeling
  • Aerospace 3D Modeling

Applications of Mechanical 3D Modeling:

  1. Automobile  Sheet Metal Components – Chassis Body Shell, Doors, Bonnets, Fenders
  2. Automobile Transmission Components – Engine Assembly and Components, Gear Box Assembly and Components , Rear Axle Assembly and Components
  3. Automobile Product – As built ready for road Cars, SUVs, Trucks
  4. Heavy Engineering Products – Gantries, Large Cranes, Land Moving Machinery, Large Conveyers, Boiler Shells, Furnaces
  5. Ship Building – Large Marine Vessels, Cargo vessels, Yachts, Submarines
  6. Aerospace 3D modeling – Aircraft Fuselage, Aircraft Wings, Rocket Fuel tanks