Reverse Engineering


Our creative and innovative team of engineers can reverse engineer any shape, any material and any dimensional object to create highly accurate CAD 3D model. This model can then be further used for Research and Development, Analysis, Redesign and Refinement. We have the next generation 3D laser scanners and 3D printers to achieve any desired quality and expectations from such exercise.

Reverse Engineering Services

  1. Sheet Metal Component 3D Modeling
  2. Forged or Molded Metallic and Non-Metallic Component 3D Modeling
  3. Plastic and Glass Component 3D Modeling
  4. Machined Metallic or Non Metallic Component 3D Modeling

Applications of Reverse Engineering

  1. Automobile Components
  2. Electrical and  Electronic  Consumer Products
  3. Furniture Products
  4. Household and Kitchenware Products
  5. Industrial Components