Close Range Photography and 3D Modeling


The term Close Range Photogrammetry refers to the measurement technique used to acquire 3D spatial information about an object using images. The objective is to measure the object from digital images rather than physically measuring the object. Using this technique it is possible to map objects which are unreachable or too difficult or dangerous to reach. Close range photogrammetry is a useful tool since one can have photographic images of the object, create maps, elevation models as well as orthophotos of the object while proving to be cost effective as compared to traditional surveying techniques.

Close Range Photogrammetric Services

  • Close Range Photography


    Close Range Surveying Equipment:
    We have an advanced Digital camera and High Quality Lenses to capture Close Range Photography. Along with Camera and Lenses we have other advanced survey equipments required to carry out successful Close range photography mission.

  • Photogrammetric 3D Modeling


    We provide high resolution Stereo imagery for creating accurate 3D models. Any minute details can be captured using our stereo imagery. Along with Stereo capable imagery we also provide control network to accurately scale the model in space. This control network can either be into World coordinate system or Local coordinate system as required.

  • Realistic looking 3D Modeling


    3D Models plotted from the stereo imagery can be applied with actual color and texture to the modeled objects. These objects could be buildings, land, vegetation or water bodies. After applying the color and texture to the project, the entire area will look completely realistic.  Various 3D viewpoints can be rendered to create realistic looking photos or walkthroughs.

  • 3D Walkthroughs


    After creating a Realistic 3D model, different walkthrough videos can be created for short films, presentations, or merging the walkthroughs into actual film while film editing.

  • 3D Metrology See 3D Metrology Section


    Many times large objects need to be measured for dimensional control and standard methods cannot be applied due to the constraints of the large dimension. This problem can be solved by using Close Range Photogrammetry. For more Information please see our 3D Metrology Services. Click Here.

Close Range Photogrammetry Applications

  • Architecture – Facade Mapping, Archaeological Surveys, Heritage sites Documentation, Monument Documentation.
  • 3D Metrology – Ship Building, Aerospace, Heavy Engineering
  • Mining – Topographic Survey, Volumetric Calculations.

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