Digital Photogrammetric Mapping


The field of photogrammetry has evolved tremendously over the past decade or so. It has moved on from the large and cumbersome stereo plotters to sleek and sophisticated digital computers.  Digital photogrammetry consists of creating Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Elevation Models (DEM) as well as Digital Surface Models (DSM). There are many elements in creating a digital stereo model such as Aerial Triangulation, DTM, DEM collection, Planimetric mapping as well as creating Orthophotos from all the digital data.

Digital Photogrammetric Mapping Services

  • Aerial Triangulation
  • 3D Feature Capture
    • Planimetric Mapping
    • Digital Terrain Modeling
    • Digital Elevation Modeling
  • Orthophoto processing
    • Orthophoto Generation
    • Orthophoto Mosacing
    • Orthophoto Editing