Indoor Mapping


Indoor mapping, as the name suggests, is the technique used to map the insides of objects such as buildings, factories, airports, etc. It is used to create 3D maps to view and navigate floor plans of commercial locations such as shopping malls, airports, department stores. It can also be used for asset mapping in factories to keep track of stockpile in storage areas as well as give a 3600 view of the internal layout of the building. These 3D maps can be later integrated with other software to create a ‘fly-through’ of the internal layout of the building for clients.

Indoor Mapping Services

Indoor Mapping comprises of following three layers. Visually it starts from Aerial View similar to Google Maps or Orthophotos, the second drill down is the building layout spatially overlaid over the Aerial imagery and third drill down is the actual interior 2D/3D layout with 360 degree view for each room inside the building or infrastructure. User can navigate to each and every exterior and interior part of the building. All three layers are spatially integrated to provide accurate XYZ position.

  • Geo-Spatial Map Layer


    This is essentially a rectified Satellite imagery loaded manually or from the Map Portals like Google Maps. This spatial layer can be used to geographically locate the required building or infrastructure. High Resolution Orthophotos can also be used instead of satellite imagery.

  • Building Exterior and Interior Layout and Modeling


    We create 3D models of the entire premise that needs to be depicted into Indoor Mapping Project. This layer comprises of 2D Plan view and 3D or 2D exterior views. User can navigate through the entire premise. Measurements also can be made using layout view. Each room or the area is tagged with multiple attributes which can be viewed after clicking each identifier tag.

  • Building Interior 360 Views and Videos


    Once the user reaches the required point of location, user can view 360° Interior view of each room or area. This view provides all the actual details in that room. Along with 360° Views, we also integrate walkthroughs if the room dimensions are large. This typically happens in Large Halls, Factories or Malls.

Indoor Mapping Applications

  • Large Manufacturing Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Malls
  • Large Educational premises like Universities and Colleges
  • Airports
  • Shipping Yards

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